Winning Tickets to Vera Bradley's Annual Outlet Sale Preview Night on Twitter

Vera Bradley has an Annual Outlet Sale each year. They offer fantastic bargains on their purses and bags.

I’m one of those people who never wins anything, but a few weeks ago I won preview night tickets to the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I won the tickets on Twitter.

Winning anything on Twitter was a shock to me. I’m still not convinced of the value of this social networking concept. Being able to win something that I’m interested in is, possibly, changing my mind. I went to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale for the first time last year. If you like Vera Bradley bags and purses, you would give anything to attend the sale.

The preview night is by invitation only. Obviously I have never been before and am totally looking forward to it. I have to travel 11 hours by car to get to Fort Wayne, Indiana where the sale is held, but because I have family in the area I get to do some of my favorite things. I get to visit with family and shop. Who could ask for anything more?

I signed up for a twitter account a few months ago and use it every day to promote my articles and blogs. I can’t say that twitter gives me a tremendous amount of page views, and I haven’t seen where it’s been worth the effort I put into it. I am learning, and I guess if I’m going to be on the computer, I might as well do something constructive.

Going to the preview night of the Vera Bradley sale lets you have first pick of the items they will be offering this year. The prices are fantastic. The items that are for sale are usually discontinued patterns, returned items, and seconds. I’m hoping that they will have some of their netbook computer bags. I have a netbook computer and would love to have a Vera Bradley bag for it.

If by any chance you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Vera Bradley’s web site and see for yourself. Some people don’t like Vera Bradley purses, but I love them. The outlet sale officially starts tomorrow and there will be thousands of women from all over the country attending.

The funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen is watching women walking up to the sale. Their eyes are glazed over with pure joy; they have huge smiles on their faces, and pep in their step. Life is good when you can get such fabulous deals on a great product. I’ll let you know how the sale goes.


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